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5 Tips for Writing Better Web Copy

In today's electronic world, your patrons turn to your website for speedy access to news, activities and events. Your website is your virtual storefront, and the face of your organization. Are you helping your readers to find easily . . . read more Feedback Icon (2) Comments

SOCS Spring 2015 User Groups: Exciting Enhancements, New Connections

SOCS just wrapped up our Spring 2015 User Group sessions, spanning six states during March. During our eight day-long sessions, our Client Support experts had the opportunity to train and work alongside more than 110 SOCS users in total. One . . . read more

SOCS: Showing the Love for Community

During February and March, the team at SOCS traveled to nearly twenty conferences across the nation. While we traveled, we wanted to take advantage of a perfect opportunity to make a positive impact on a few local nonprofits in various . . . read more

Creating Compelling Content for your Nonprofit Website

Creating great content to house on your organization’s website requires strategy and patience. Pinning down ideas and formulating smart copy also takes a shocking amount of time, especially when derailed by pitfalls like writers’ . . . read more

SOCS Releases Free Mobile App to Clients

After much anticipation, SOCS is proud to add our new mobile app to our already robust catalogue of website features and services.  The SOCS mobile app has technologically up-to-trend features, designed to make your website . . . read more Feedback Icon No Comments

SOCS Hits the Road!

Fall User Groups 2014

SOCS recently completed our Fall 2014 User Group sessions, spanning five states in three weeks. Our fall session was a roaring success – we had the opportunity to meet and work alongside 200 SOCS users during our seven day-long . . . read more Feedback Icon No Comments


Helping Communities with Kid President

During the month of October, the SOCS team joined the Socktober movement. Socktober was the hugely successful national campaign created by internet-famous (and inscrutably adorable) YouTube web personality, Kid President. Kid . . . read more

SOCS Client Community Spotlight

Providence Medical Center, Nebraska

Providence Medical Center (PMC) has a 50 mile service area around Wayne, Nebraska that primarily includes Wayne, Cedar, Dixon and Thurston counties. PMC also has additional market share that includes parts of Cuming, Pierce and Stanton . . . read more

Branding on a Budget

Smart Tips for Community Nonprofits

Whether you’re a community hospital, credit union, school district or other nonprofit serving your community, it’s likely you don’t have the budget to hire a high-priced advertising agency to deliver a world-class brand to . . . read more Feedback Icon No Comments

Back to School! How to Connect with Students

Teaching is so much more than just parroting curriculum talking points – we know it, and the teachers we work with certainly do. It’s incredibly difficult to inspire students and keep them engaged while adhering to . . . read more Feedback Icon No Comments

How to Connect on Multiple Social Media Platforms

After much ado, many organizations are finally harnessing social media platforms to further their public relations and marketing efforts. Gone are the days of underestimating the value of social media  – after all, it’s the . . . read more Feedback Icon No Comments

Captivating Audiences

Make your Community Website More Engaging

Is your website working for your organization? Is it really serving the purpose that it needs to? Let’s consider the purpose of a website for a community or a nonprofit serving that community. Pull Them in with Visuals . . . read more Feedback Icon No Comments

SOCS: Making Ourselves at Home in Your Community

There’s more to us than just websites

SOCS rebranded back in winter 2013, and since then we’ve looked at ourselves in a new light. How has the rebrand changed us? We still promote ourselves as tech experts, here to help our clients succeed. However since our updated mantra . . . read more Feedback Icon No Comments

SOCS Client Spotlight: Barton County, Kansas

As the geographic center of Kansas, Barton County provides services to nearly 28,000 residents in twenty-two townships, each with a diverse economy based in agriculture, oil, manufacturing, retail or medicine. We also have a unique natural . . . read more Feedback Icon No Comments

Why Community Websites Need Multiple Content Editors

SOCS has set up new websites for hundreds of community organizations (e.g. school districts, local hospitals, municipalities, and libraries). We provide professional-looking websites and a content management system (CMS) so the people . . . read more Feedback Icon No Comments

SOCS Spring User Groups: Exciting Enhancements, Friendly Faces

SOCS recently completed our Spring 2014 User Group sessions, spanning six states in three weeks. With 193 SOCS users participating in our seven sessions, we consider this spring to be one of our most successful User Group sessions to date. . . . read more Feedback Icon No Comments

The Evolution of Community Websites

Community websites are evolving away from simple, static sites and are becoming more of a critical connection piece for residents. Communities and community organizations are increasingly using social media, blogs, event websites, and even . . . read more Feedback Icon No Comments

6 Tips to Web-Worthy Photos for Nonprofits

Is your website lacking the sizzle factor? Keep readers coming back to your page for more by spicing it up with stunning photography. Here’s a quick list to help on the way: It’s About Authenticity Writing for a local . . . read more

Why you need Responsive Web Design

You've heard the buzz: in a society very much on-the-go, mobile device usage continues to grow exponentially. This year, mobile devices will surpass PCs as the most common Web access tools. According to the Pew Institute, over 55% of . . . read more Feedback Icon No Comments

Warm Hearts and Toes

TCEA Attendees Donate SOCS Socks to Austin’s SafePlace

On Friday February 7, SafePlace received 100 pairs of socks donated generously by conference attendees at the recent TCEA 2014 Convention and Exposition in Austin, Texas. Playing off our company name, our representatives typically give . . . read more Feedback Icon No Comments

Web Marketing Trends for 2014

Every year around this time, organizations regroup to reflect on the wake of the previous year and to speculate on growth possibilities for the coming year. In this exciting era of technology and rapidly changing trends, here are a few items . . . read more Feedback Icon No Comments

The New SOCS: Connecting Your Communities

Since 2003, SOCS has been helping communities stay connected to their schools, their local government, and nonprofit organizations. In the past, SOCS has kept our mission simple. As a nonprofit, we are committed to serving those who serve . . . read more Feedback Icon No Comments

5 Guidelines to Storytelling for Nonprofits

Once upon a time, you were part of an organization with a compelling mission, and you needed to get your story out to the masses. But this isn't a fairy tale, it's the Internet. In this fast-paced, one -click online world, your audience is . . . read more Feedback Icon No Comments

Really, SOCS? Only 5 things to consider?

This SOCS client wants to know.

As the Communications Coordinator for Holland Public Schools (MI) for 18 years, and a former elementary teacher, I'm an in-the-trenches school practitioner...probably a lot like you in many ways. I'll bet we've experienced many of the same . . . read more Feedback Icon No Comments

Are Students Ready for Personal Finance?

Financial Education Leads to a Brighter Future

At a time when student loan default is at an all time high, financial education could be the deterrent students need to avoid future debt. Because young adults are facing rising tuition costs and unemployment, they are using credit cards to . . . read more Feedback Icon (1) Comment

Equip Students to Envision their Future

We’re already at the cusp of autumn, and high school students are entrenched in the fast-paced reality of mid-terms, sports, after-school jobs, band practice – not to mention graduation just around the corner for seniors. . . . read more Feedback Icon No Comments

5 Things to Consider Before Rebuilding Your Website

So your old website isn’t cutting it anymore, and you’re thinking about a rebuild. Good plan! Creating an updated online presence is a hefty task, but with a little forethought, you’ll be on your way in no time – and . . . read more Feedback Icon No Comments

Is a Free CMS Good for Non-profits?

Websites have come a long way in the past decade, and so have content management systems ( CMS ). These days there are a multitude of options available, ranging from free to expensive platforms. In fact,  the biggest hurdle . . . read more Feedback Icon No Comments

Nonprofits: Take Control of Your Websites

Remember the Webmasters? There may still be a few around, but this job title has all but died out along with the responsibilities held by these wizards of the web. Those responsibilities were essentially to DO EVERYTHING related to the . . . read more Feedback Icon No Comments

3 Website Features that Irk Your Readers

First impressions are critical. Your organization’s online success depends on the ability to catch (and hold) your reader’s attention. But online experience is not just about content, it’s also about convenience and . . . read more Feedback Icon No Comments

5 Tips to Making the Most of Your Non-Profit’s Website

As a non-profit, your website is crucial to your organization in many ways – it’s your calling card, it houses your mission statement, and it’s a communication piece. But most of all, your website needs to engage your . . . read more Feedback Icon No Comments

Give Your Community Reasons to Engage

How non-profits inspire change via social media

When marketers first realized social media'™s potential, they scrambled to establish a social media presence for their brand or organization. However, as social media gains momentum, we now know it'™s not enough to simply have a . . . read more Feedback Icon No Comments

Non-Profits: Engage Youth with New Social Media Platforms

When it comes to highlighting your non-profit online, it’s smart to be aware of new social media channels in addition to using standard platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. New platforms are popping up each day with a . . . read more Feedback Icon No Comments

Your Website: DIY or Web Hosting?

Let’s talk web-hosting: if you want something done right, you should do it yourself right? Not necessarily. The concept of a do-it-yourself website initially has frugal appeal for a judicious non-profit organization. But when you look . . . read more Feedback Icon No Comments

How to Produce Winning Web Videos

Creating video content can seem like a daunting task. You can use your video to easily relay your mission statement, discuss business philosophy, offer customer testimonials, highlight a specific promotion or celebrate an event within your . . . read more Feedback Icon No Comments

4 Ideas for Handling Bad Online Buzz

Be Proactive, Be Aware, and Recover Quickly

You think you've done everything right. You finally have a website you'™re proudly referring clients to, and you'™ve taken the leap to create social media pages for your organization. Then it happens - you come across a . . . read more Feedback Icon No Comments

Want School Transparency? Embrace Social Media

How Eudora School District developed policy, expectations and connections

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube. At school, they make us nervous. We hear stories about teachers losing their jobs and students losing their innocence. We see the nasty rumors and insults that can flourish online. So if we clamp down and keep . . . read more Feedback Icon No Comments

5 Quick Tips to Copywriting Bliss

We know that websites are all about content, and this means good copywriting practices are pivotal to making your site a regular stop for your readers. You need to make your content relevant and publish new information regularly. But . . . read more Feedback Icon (1) Comment

3 Benefits of a Content Management System

If content is king, then posting content needs to be easy. If you are still going through a programmer to post content, then you‘ll want to consider a content management system (CMS). In addition to easing the process of posting . . . read more Feedback Icon (1) Comment

4 Reasons to Use Video on Your Website

Video is an extremely cost-effective form of communication which allows you to give your organization a voice, engage your patrons, and demonstrate your organization's services in ways that photos and text cannot. And Americans are . . . read more Feedback Icon No Comments

Count your Blessings, Share your Joy

Happy Holidays from FES

The holidays are here, and with weeks of busy prep work complete, we'd like to encourage a moment of pause to appreciate the many blessings surrounding you. The joy of exchanging heartfelt, meaningful and sought-after gifts with people you . . . read more Feedback Icon No Comments

3 Pivotal Technology Trends for 2013

As 2012 draws to a close, we catch ourselves bemoaning how quickly the year has gone, and reflecting upon the events of the year. There's nostalgia in the air. But at SOCS, we've got a keen eye on the future regarding these tech . . . read more Feedback Icon No Comments

The Results Are In!

Fall User Groups 2012

Each spring and fall, SOCS conducts User Group Meetings across our footprint. During these sessions, the SOCS Client Support Team meets with our patrons face-to-face, leading hands-on training classes and providing news on SOCS enhancements. . . . read more Feedback Icon No Comments


How one school district recovered

Just the idea of the district's school website being targeted by hackers is enough to churn any administrator's stomach. Add to that anxiety the prospect of losing all your website's content right before the school . . . read more Feedback Icon (2) Comments

Internet Usage & How We Get Our News

Technology has changed how we get our news. Websites, social media and even live feeds help us receive news in an instant.  If you want your target audience to look to you for the latest news on your organization, then you . . . read more Feedback Icon No Comments

5 Tips for Creating an Online Survey

It's safe to say we as individuals want our ideas and concerns to be heard; to know that our opinion counts. Take as an example the multitude of online polls, or the popularity of "text your vote" TV talent shows.  . . . read more Feedback Icon No Comments

4 Ways Your Website Can Attract Relocating Families

Families are on the move and they are searching for their perfect community. With over 85% adults wired to the Internet , you can bet the first place they'€™ll search is on the Web. Your website may steer them . . . read more Feedback Icon No Comments

Transparency = Good PR

5 web communication tips

Your website is a valuable public relations tool. Whether it is a bond issue, academic ranking or budget proposal, transparent information sharing builds trust with stakeholders, and increases the likelihood that your school will be . . . read more Feedback Icon No Comments

To Graduation … and Beyond!

SOCS’ Affiliates Collaborate for Student’s Success

For high school students, there are so many things to juggle these days - mid-terms, sports, band practice, homecoming or prom, college-aptitude tests - and for seniors, graduation is just around the corner. Applications. Acceptance . . . read more Feedback Icon No Comments

8 Ways to Lose Your E-Rate Dollars

It's a hectic time of year! We're in the midst of E-Rate season, and the Form 470 is now available online . Where are you at in the process? Although a daunting task, E-Rate is worth the painstaking process so that . . . read more Feedback Icon No Comments

If It Says ‘Free’, Is It Really?

What to consider when using online media sources

The use of images, videos and audio files are what make web posts more engaging. Finding and using œfree media sources without understanding how they are licensed, however, could get you into trouble. Sometimes there are . . . read more Feedback Icon (2) Comments

How to Post Quality Online Images

Nothing makes a website more dynamic than compelling images. A quality photograph will capture your reader's attention and help them decide whether your content is worth reading. Kristin Magette learned this lesson early. . . . read more Feedback Icon No Comments

4 Ways to Increase Website Traffic

In 60 seconds on any given day 1,500+ blogs are posted, 700K search queries are made on Google, 98K+ Tweets are sent and 695K+ status updates are posted on Facebook. (Source: PC Magazine ) At the same time, your website should be . . . read more Feedback Icon No Comments

Use Social Media to Improve SEO

How tweeting can improve search engine optimization (SEO)

Social media? Yes, social media. Many organizations may be reluctant to delve into social media because it'™s hard to justify the time spent on it and quantify audience impact. They may also think there is a risk of being associated . . . read more Feedback Icon No Comments

Thinking About Blogging?

Consider these content strategies before starting

One of the best ways to increase traffic to your website is to continually add fresh content. Many organizations make the mistake of spending a great deal of money, time and effort designing and planning a new website only to leave it alone . . . read more Feedback Icon No Comments

5 Great Tips for Improving Your SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process to ensure that your website rises to the top of search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo when people conduct search inquiries. The higher your SEO, the increased likelihood of more visitors. . . . read more Feedback Icon No Comments

4 Ways to Provide Valuable Web Content

Editor's Note: This is the first of a four part series on how to increase traffic to your website. Everyday millions of bits of information are published on the web. How do you make your community website stand out? The . . . read more Feedback Icon No Comments

5 Tips for Writing Effective Web Copy

Online Communication Best Practices

While you are thinking about your next blog post or article remember: content drives readership. The quality of your Web copy will determine whether your message is read or overlooked. Organizations with the propensity to be prolific . . . read more Feedback Icon No Comments

About SOCS Blog

After months of careful planning, SOCS is excited to present our company blog. Our goal is to provide valuable, engaging content on online communication, public relations and emerging technology. We encourage you to post your comments, . . . read more Feedback Icon No Comments

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